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About me

I draw on over 30 years of studies and experience in public health, ranging from behaviour change and community education to national programmes and global campaigns. 

My passion for public health began 30 years ago, as a teenager in high school, where I worked as a peer educator for AIDS awareness. I have a Bachelors of Science in Community Health Education and Promotion from East Carolina University, and a Masters of Science in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I spent 15 years working in international health development, with ministries of health and NGO’s in Latin America and West and Central Africa, then moved on to working in advocacy and policy with the ONE Campaign in Washington DC and London. 

Throughout my travels and work experiences, I learned to appreciate and connect with people from different cultures, ethnicities and identities. My interests and research in health and healing also evolved as I have observed people and communities around the world struggling with the burden of being unwell. Watching and living through the rapidly changing landscape of modern society – politics (profit over people), medicine (pill for an ill) and technology (clickbait versus connection) – has left many longing for wholeness. 

Along with viewing these social issues through the lens of public health, my own personal life journey, as a daughter, mother and wife has led me to experience the challenges of parenthood, aging, navigating health systems, and the importance of being an advocate for yourself and your loved ones. The Functional Medicine model, founded on evidence-based science and research that holds the whole person at the core of its practice, marries the values I hold most true as a public health practitioner and human.

The combination of my career in public health, working with many different communities, navigating my own health journey, along with parenthood, makes me well placed to support others with compassion and understanding. My ethos for life is one of authenticity, balance and connection… to ourselves, others and nature.

I am American, married to an Italian, and we are raising two wonderful children in Devon, England.

Katie McCabe Bettiza

For a more detailed timeline of my studies and work, see my LinkedIn page